Kitchen worktops complete your kitchen. They are stylish, hardwearing and very durable.

Whatever your style, Essex Kitchens can supply and fit your kitchen worktops at a time that is convenient to you.

We have an excellent selection of kitchen worktops that we source from leading suppliers. They come in an array of finishes that will compliment any kitchen.

  • Granite
  • Glass
  • Quartz
  • Stone
  • Hardwood
  • Corian
  • Slab Technology
  • Marble
  • Zodiaq
  • Roxx

All of our solid worktops may not be the cheapest worktop to go for but definitely give a great finish. Our quartz kitchen worktops look very sophisticated and give a polished look.

Our made to measure worktops

We let our customers explore the various different types of work tops on offer. Knowing just how vital it is to be able to supply a wide range of solid kitchen surfaces, it’s equally important for us to include in our collections hard wearing materials that will outlast their weaker competitors.

Both in the home and the commercial work place, kitchen work tops have to withstand lots of wear. Our options give our clients the chance to choose from the best selection of products that offer very different finishes; giving each kitchen the individual look it deserves. With lasting effect.

If you’re taken by textures, our polished stone, waxed wood calming Quartz or cool Corian worktops really offer an impressive finish, adding impact to any kitchen space.

We know that it’s an everyday challenge to care for your kitchen, but we do realise that our customers may not have the time it requires to care for natural surfaces and don’t want the worry of poor-quality work tops that can mark easily.

This is why we have such a good range of products that are built to last, giving you the aesthetically and practically pleasing options that are perfect for your unique needs. We also offer a new range of Integrated worktops that combine the worktop and the hob

Corian Worktops

Clients today want more than the previously fashionable laminate work tops that barely stand the test of time. You want solid, versatile and tough tops that can be used without worry and we give you exactly that. Corian is a solid material which is strong and durable. Incomparable to any other fabric used to make up worktops because of the standards it has set.

Instead of carving the laminate up when you slice or worrying about marking wooden worktops with pans and knives, Corian lives up to its tough name without giving you the worry of damaging it, so you can be sure you can cook up the little ones spag bol or your partners fish dish, without the worry of leaving marks in the worktop. It does not need as much care as, say, wooden worktops because its’ not an absorbable product. It is such a versatile product because it is manmade and can be moulded and sculpted into all manner of freeform or set shapes, curves and designs – giving you free reign over the finished piece.

Apollo Slab Technology

Another of our solid surfaces, Apollo Slab Technology that we can template at the warehouse so you are left with a seam free work top, or that can be purchased as a DIY product that is cut down to size then fitted on site.

A non-porous fabric, Slab Technology has a real impact. Its impressive look is of engineered quartz and has its own natural ability to repel bacteria – a perfect solution for the modern kitchen. The product is desirable, lasting and can be repaired easily should damage occur – you don’t get that with more flimsy laminate.
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