Considering your needs through planning and design – your new kitchen

By taking into account exactly what you need in your new kitchen, we work with you to achieve the look that suits you and your family just perfectly.

Firm plans are the key to good design. To make your kitchen plans work, we will work with you and take a look at all chances which can open up your space to new ideas, fit appliances in where possible and can even let you see the new kitchen before so much as a door handle is replaced using our 3D software.

Years of experience helps us to realise the potential of your kitchen space

Moldau Acacia Canterbury

With over 20 years experience in high quality kitchen fitting, we make the planning and design process a step by step project that ensures the finished piece is exactly as you want it at the price you can afford.

Through use of 3d software, Compusoft, we take the time to consider your surroundings and to highlight your goals which ensures your individual kitchen is as unique as you are.

We do not pressurise our customers like companies in the South East which service the same areas as we do – we are incomparable due to our exquisite design and planning service and our fitting cannot be matched both in quality and affordability.

In fact, our no obligation approach means that many of our customers have enjoyed spending time with us, taking real honest advice on what can be done to achieve real personality in the kitchen space, and not being rushed into making choices.

We focus on the smaller things just as much as we do on the bigger ones. We know that even the door knobs, taps and light switches are just as important as items like doors and worktops. And we enjoy spending time getting the little bits just as perfect as the big bits.


A large part of our new business comes from word of mouth – recommendations from past clients that have been more than pleased with our service.

Due to the use of a superb range of products from leading manufacturers, a broad range of services to suit (bespoke kitchens, 3rd party fitting or door and top replacements) and our flexible price structure we have been able to give our customers just what they have come to expect from Essex Kitchens – superior products and outstanding service.